Honda Civic EX With Sensing Norwood, MA

Reasons to Consider the Honda Civic EX with Sensing for Norwood, MA, Driving

The 2018 Honda Civic EX with Sensing is an excellent choice for Norwood, MA, driving. Especially if safety is your top priority when purchasing a new vehicle, Sensing with its suite of protective features is unbeatable. Then when you combine all the benefits of the EX trim level, choosing this car makes even more sense. Although there are more reasons for selecting this sedan than listed, the following will give you an idea as to why you should consider this car.

1. Enhanced Safety – The combination of Lane Keeping Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Collision Mitigation, and Forward Collision Warning offers you and your passengers optimum protection. Whether driving around Norwood, MA, or taking the highway to your destination, you will feel more confident behind the wheel of this car.


2. Affordability – Even with the Sensing system, when you do business with the right dealership in Norwood, MA, you will spend less for a remarkable sedan. Along with this suite of systems are many additional standard features, as well as add-ons, all competitively priced.

3. More Safety Features – While the 2018 Honda Civic EX with Sensing is already one of the safest cars in its class, there are even more safety features. For instance, this sedan comes standard with Honda LaneWatch. With that, when you put your right-hand turn signal on, the mirror on the passenger side automatically displays live video on the Display Audio Touchscreen. As a result, you have four times the visibility on that side of the car. It also boasts Cross Traffic Monitor that alerts you whenever another vehicle approaches on either side.

4. Exterior and Interior Design – Along with a sporty exterior that is sure to turn heads while driving in Norwood, MA, the new Civic EX has a spacious and well-equipped interior. All the controls are within easy reach. There also is plenty of storage space to accommodate groceries, luggage, sporting equipment, and more.

Best of Show

You will never go wrong buying a new Civic EX. To view available vehicles, you can spend time browsing our online portal or stop by the dealership in Norwood, MA, in person.


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