Certified Pre-Owned Dealer Near Me Boston, MA

What Does a Certified Pre-Owned Dealer Near Me in Boston, MA, Offer?


You might be wondering what a certified pre-owned dealer near me really is. It is a dealership that stands behind the quality of the pre-owned cars on its lot. This status may not apply to all vehicles on the premises but only to designated ones. Each dealer can set how many cars will fall into this guaranteed category. Each dealer will also determine which makes and models it will guarantee in this way. To search for certified pre-owned cars near you in Boston, MA, just Google the term. If you have a particular make or model, just enter it. Be sure to check the range of cars available at each dealership. You may have to visit a few to make comparisons.


What Kinds of Items are Included by a Certified Pre-Owned Dealer Near Me in Boston, MA?


A certified pre-owned dealer near me in Boston, MA, can include the following items in its certification. There is usually a multipoint inspection (160–200 points), which means that you can see the list of specific items that carry a warranty for good working order. This will give you greater peace of mind. Another factor is the extended warranty on either the number of miles driven or number of months. These can either be on the powertrain or bumper to bumper.


And, finally, the certified pre-owned dealer near me can provide either a vehicle history report, like Carfax, or a roadside assistance package. Sometimes the certification originates with the manufacturer, and sometimes it originates with the dealership itself.  


Why It Is Invaluable to Purchase a Vehicle from a Certified Pre-Owned Dealer


Not all dealers of pre-owned vehicles stand behind their products in the same way. They may all make similar claims in their advertisements, but the certified pre-owned dealer near me is a standout among the sea of pre-owned car dealers. It means that the dealer is taking a step up. It is not only claiming to have a superior product but also personally standing behind that claim.


Search for Just the Right Certified Pre-Owned Dealer Near Me in Boston, MA


Be proactive in your search. Visit more than one certified pre-owned dealer near me, and ask detailed questions about the items included in the certification. Take notes so you can keep track of all the information. Be sure to include Boch Auto in your search, and check out our certified vehicles here.





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