Certified Pre-Owned Dealership Chelmsford, MA

Don’t Settle for a Pre-Owned Dealership That Does Not Certify Its Cars in Chelmsford, MA


It is important to do business with a certified pre-owned dealership.  There are pre-owned cars, and then there are pre-owned cars!  You don’t know what to expect when you see that shiny polished pre-owned car sitting on the dealership lot. Can you count on the engine to be in good shape?  Has it had a tune-up recently?  Can you count on the transmission to be in good shape?  And are the tires merely shined up, or do they actually have adequate tread left on them?  Did you know that not all dealerships certify their pre-owned cars? 


What Is a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Dealership?


A certified pre-owned (CPO) dealership certainly is a step up from other used car dealerships!  It means that either the dealership itself or the automaker warranties the condition of the vehicles on the lot.  You may still take a car to your own mechanic; however, in many cases there is no need for that. 


What Kinds of Items Are Included in a Certification?


There is usually a multipoint inspection (160-200 points), which means that you can see the list of specific items that carry a warranty for good working order. This will give you greater peace of mind as you purchase your vehicle in Chelmsford, MA.  Another factor is the extended warranty on either the number of miles driven or number of months. These can either be on the powertrain or bumper to bumper. And, finally, the certified pre-owned dealership can provide either a vehicle history report, like Carfax, or a roadside assistance package. 


Can Certification Help with Financing a Vehicle in Chelmsford, MA?


There are often special incentives for financing since the lenders feel more confident in the potential life of the vehicle and the certified pre-owned dealership itself.  Greater confidence will translate for the buyer into a lower interest rate.  It can also save on a potential private inspection fee, which can be pretty steep! And sometimes, buyers travel outside of their immediate geographic region to search for better deals. In this case, they will not know the mechanics in the area. They may even need a pre-scheduled appointment. And in this case, a stranger may be inspecting your vehicle.  You can get the best deal on a vehicle at a certified pre-owned dealership in Chelmsford, MA, by searching on Boch.com.


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