Certified Pre Owned Pricing Needham, MA

Understanding Certified Pre-Owned Pricing Near Needham, MA

Although a certified pre-owned (CPO) car, truck, or SUV and a standard used vehicle is much the same, there are some differences. For instance, a CPO vehicle is part of a unique program that includes a warranty backed by the manufacturer that extends the original factory warranty. Depending on the situation, that extension is often several years. Also, these vehicles go through a complete dealership inspection. Because of that, many people believe that certified pre-owned pricing near Needham, MA, is much higher than that of a standard used car.

Although you will typically spend a little more on a certified pre-owned vehicle, considering all the benefits, it is well worth the investment. As mentioned, the extended warranty alone is invaluable. Something that you should note is by doing business with a reputable dealership near Needham, MA, you have the best chance of getting a lower sticker price compared to the competition, so always be selective when choosing where you buy.

In exchange for certified pre-owned pricing, you often can drive a better-quality used vehicle. In other words, if you have your sights set on a lower trim level of a specific model, you can spend a little more and get into one of the higher trims. Ultimately, you will enjoy more advanced features and possibly have fewer issues.

While some of the certified pre-owned pricing accounts for the extended warranty, it also covers perks like 24-hour roadside service, rental car reimbursement, and so on. If you purchase a standard used car, you would have to pay out of pocket for those expenses. Therefore, when you compare the cost side by side, there is not that much difference between a used and certified pre-owned car.

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