Honda Civic EX With Honda Sensing Norwood, MA

What Is All the Fuss About the Honda Civic EX with Honda Sensing in Norwood, MA?

When buying a new or relatively new car, you look for specific things. In addition to an attractive interior, well-appointed interior, ample cargo space, and innovative technology, you want a safe and reliable vehicle. While you might pay attention when driving, not all drivers do. For optimum protection, you will not go wrong with the Honda Civic EX with Honda Sensing for Norwood, MA, driving.

In addition to the risks that unsafe drivers present, freak accidents occur. Thanks to a high-tech suite of systems as part of the Honda Civic EX with Honda Sensing, you have a much better chance of avoiding collisions. With everything included, you have a second pair of eyes keeping watch from the front, rear, and sides.

The Forward Collision Warning system helps avoid crashes. With this, all-weather radar works in conjunction with the car’s camera to detect an imminent collision. Receiving advanced warning gives you the chance to maneuver your vehicle out of harm’s way. If there is no time for that, you and your passengers can at least brace for an accident. While this system is excellent when driving in Norwood, MA, it is most helpful on the highway.

Lane Keeping Assist is another unique feature as part of the Honda Civic EX with Honda Sensing. Even safe drivers become distracted. Unfortunately, taking your eyes off the road for a split second can put you and your passengers at risk. This system prevents you from veering out of your designated lane by emitting an audible tone to alert you.

Honda Civic EX with Honda Sensing also includes Adaptive Cruise Control and Collision Mitigation Braking. The cruise control automatically adjusts your speed if you get too close to the car ahead of you. With the braking system, if you drive too close to either moving or stationary vehicles in front, it applies pressure.

Optimum Safety

Whether looking for a new sedan as family transportation or buying a car for a teenage driver, safety is paramount. With the Honda Sensing suite of systems, there is greater peace of mind. To look at this sedan or take one for a test drive, please visit our Boch Honda dealership in Norwood, MA, or look at available cars by browsing our online portal.


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