Honda Civic EX with Sensing Norwood MA

Unbeatable Safety When Driving a Honda Civic EX with Sensing in Norwood, MA

Occasionally, an automaker comes up with a design element so fantastic that it takes the automotive industry by storm. One of those is the Honda Sensing system. This group of revolutionary safety features will keep you and your passengers better protected on the road. Although the suite is also available on the LX, EX-T, and EX-L trim levels and standard on the Touring trim, you will love the Honda Civic EX with Sensing for driving in Norwood, MA, and beyond.

To start the process of finding the perfect Honda Civic EX with Sensing based on your driving style, visit the Boch online portal. There, you can scour through hundreds of different cars, as well as trucks and SUVs. Because Norwood is closest to you, begin your search with the Boch dealership in that location. However, if you find a Civic that you love at one of the other sites, your salesperson can transport it.

From there, you can go to the Norwood, MA, dealership in person to meet with a professional salesperson. That individual will show you any vehicle of interest and set you up for a test drive. Although the Sensing package is only on the 2017 and 2018 models, with such an impressive inventory, you will have no problem finding what you want for a price that fits your budget.

What makes the Honda Civic EX with Sensing so remarkable is that all the systems work as one to enhance overall safety. Included in this package are Lane Keep Assist, Collision Mitigation, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Road Departure Mitigation. When you combine those features with other safety design elements, it becomes evident that the Civic is one of the best in its class when it comes to driver and passenger protection.

Stay Safe on the Road

At Boch Honda in Norwood, MA, we only sell safe and reliable vehicles. For an incredible deal on your next car, truck, or SUV, visit our online portal or come to see us in person.


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