Nissan Murano AWD 2017 Norwood, MA

What Makes the Nissan Murano AWD 2017 in Norwood, MA, So Special?

When it comes to crossover SUVs, the Murano is hard to beat. Designed with a sleek and sophisticated exterior profile, lots of standard and available features on the inside, and many other advantages, it has become one of the best sellers in its class. For an excellent SUV at an affordable price, consider the Nissan Murano AWD 2017 in Norwood, MA.

Safety Benefits and Exciting Features

With challenges on the road during the winters in Norwood, MA, buying an all-wheel-drive vehicle makes perfect sense. The 2017 Murano’s AWD system means that it continually drives on all four wheels, regardless of road surface conditions or how you use the vehicle. Although there are many benefits to this, safety ranks at the top of the list.

The Nissan Murano AWD 2017 offers twice the grip capacity of a two-wheel drive configuration, continually generating forward momentum. Overall, that improves stability and enhances your control as the driver. Although this gives you a significant advantage in the winter, it also helps tremendously throughout the rest of the year.

When driving a Nissan Murano AWD 2017, you know this SUV has a high level of traction, perfect for wet and rainy days. During those conditions, oil, grease, and grime buildup on the road’s surface, making it slick and hard to 

brake. With safe driving practices and superior grip, the all-wheel-drive system dramatically reduces any risk to you and your passengers.

Outstanding traction and performance are only two of the top reasons for choosing a Nissan Murano AWD 2017. You also need to consider the broad range of features offered across all trim levels. For instance, this crossover SUV comes with Driver Assist: This system gives you quick and easy access to vital information on a high-resolution display, including fuel information, safety alerts, and turn-by-turn directions.

Never Settle

Whether you look at vehicles on our Boch portal or visit the Boch dealership in Norwood, MA, in person, we guarantee a superior inventory, affordable prices, and a positive experience. Call today and we will have your choice of Murano gassed up and ready for a test drive.


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